About Us

Small Team Makes A Big Difference

ViralizePosts Marketing is the marketing team focused on content creation and software development. Our experts collaborate with clients to build custom inbound marketing solutions to meet the needs of each unique client, from coaching and consulting to website design or even full-scale online marketing programs.

Not only do we focus on the strategies and tactics that address the funnel from top to bottom, we also specialize in the technology stack needed to execute these programs.

Social Media Posting Software

A few years ago our thought was confined to promote business only in the specific area we used to work. With time, everything has changed. Now we have so many tools to promote our business globally. The game of marketing is getting too strong these days that one cannot think of leading a successful business without using these tools.

Created by ViralizePosts Marketing, Businss Pages App is one such robust tool that automatically posts to your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter at a regular interval. All we have to do is to create posts and rest everything will be done automatically. It will revolutionize your business with only a few clicks. Have a look over each and every minor detail about the marketing and posting to social media:

  1. The most wonderful part of the tool is that you do not need to download or install anything. You just need to log in and connect your Facebook, Twitter and rest all other social media accounts with Businss Pages App. After a few clicks, your social media marketing will be handled here. In this arena when we have everything except time this tool will save our time to a great extent. The first step is to get a login. After logging in you can set the time you want your posts to get published. You can even choose the number of posts you want to publish each day. You can also connect your Facebook fan page with Word press, Instagram account, etc. let’s check another fantastic feature.
  2. Finding viral keywords and content is challenging these days because every person wants to share whatever is getting viral.  Another powerful feature of Businss Pages App is that it can search viral content on its own. You don’t need to spend a lot of time searching viral content and hashtags anymore. You just need to go to generate content, and you will see a lot of viral keywords there. You can select the keywords of your own choice, and you can even generate your own keywords. Not only this Businss Pages App allows you to access viral images which you can post on your social media accounts along with hashtags. Just click on save the search so that you can easily rerun the search and after this Businss Pages App will automatically post to social media from a website, word press, etc. by using this feature you can increase your sales in a short period. Good news is that you do not need to be an expert in this field. Even a new user can access this tool to post automatically.
  3. The game of posting automatically has got easier after reading this. Now let’s have a conversation over how you can buy this and how much it will cost.